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Commercial Water Filtration

Albuquerque Commercial
Water Filtration

Every business has different water needs. That’s why TLC Plumbing works with you to design a custom water filtration system for your Albuquerque business, no matter what industry you’re in.

Commercial water quality can be complicated, but TLC Plumbing is here to help. We offer free water testing and expert insight into your water quality so you can get a clear picture of what’s going on.

Once we know your commercial water goals and the content of your current water, we can design a custom water purification system for your business. Our experts work with the latest water process technology so your business can run with quality water at all times.

With pure, quality water running through your pipes, you can not only preserve the life of your plumbing, but you avoid water scale buildup in your business’ appliances and fixtures. TLC Plumbing carries a full variety of Kinetico water products, including commercial-grade softeners so you can enjoy your commercial water treatment system for years to come. Contact a commercial water expert at TLC Plumbing 今天!

Commercial water softeners for restaurants and food service

Restaurant & Food Service

Water plays an integral part in food service. From meal preparation to glassware and your water-using appliances to maintain your business and customer experience. Kinetico’s custom water systems can address all your water concerns so you can provide an exceptional experience for your customers.


Water treatment can be essential in providing a great guest experience in your business. Kinetico’s commercial & industrial strength water systems are built to handle a demanding environment like the hospitality industry. Improve your systems, extend your equipment life and provide superior service for guest experiences.

business water softener systems

Speciality Businesses

A Kinetico Commercial Water System can be customized to meet your business’s water demands. If you’re experiencing problems with your water or water-using equipment or appliances, maybe its time to consider a water system. With customized solutions our water experts can help solve your water problems.

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