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Your home’s plumbing system isn’t just confined to your home it begins and ends at the street. When you have a plumbing problem it may not be inside your home but in your yard along with your sewer or water line. Residential sewer lines use grade and angles to move waste and wastewater from the home’s branch drain lines to the main sewer line and eventually into the septic or city’s main sewer waste line.

If you have a drain problem and unclogging the drain doesn’t help the issue you may have a problem with your sewer line and a repair may be needed. TLC的CQ9电子游戏爆分视频专家正在为您快速修复下水道.


TLC有许多选择,当你有一个下水道CQ9电子游戏爆分视频修理. 我们的专家可以24小时响应,快速有效地修复您的污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频.



有些修理需要挖沟来修理CQ9电子游戏爆分视频. Sometimes this is unavoidable and the only way to repair is to dig a trench to access the sewer line.



This is a trenchless repair method that involves breaking and expanding the existing buried sewer line while replacing it with a new HDPE pipe.



This type of repair lines the old pipe with a new permanent pipe inside the old, broken line. 这是下水道CQ9电子游戏爆分视频维修和更换的最新技术.


TLC许可 & 有在CQ9电子游戏爆分视频州进行挖掘维修的经验. 挖掘下水道维修需要挖沟来解决下水道问题. Typically this type of repair is the most invasive and requires digging areas in your yard. 但有时这是修复的唯一选择. 一些老房子没有 对下水道进行清理 用于修理或清理堵塞的下水道. During the sewer repair our plumbers can install 对下水道进行清理 if you have problems in the future.


This type of repair requires a video inspection to view and pinpoint the location of the problem. 挖一条沟渠进入CQ9电子游戏爆分视频并修复污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频.


下水道水龙头是连接下水道和市政下水道系统的连接点. 随着时间的推移,这些连接可能会磨损,需要更换. A video inspection allows TLC to locate the connection and dig a small trench to replace the tap.


Pipe bursting is less invasive than traditional repairs that require digging up your yard. The sewer line can be repaired by just digging two access points and then the new pipe is fed in and pulled through the existing pipe essentially bursting through the old pipe.


当修理部分污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频时,CQ9电子游戏爆分视频爆裂可用于污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频的修理. The pipe that is being repaired must be long enough for the pipe bursting equipment to be used at both ends. If the pipe that needs to be repaired is too short we would recommend digging up the line to repair.


当你家里的下水道有问题时, pipe bursting can be used to replace or repair those pipes without tearing concrete up inside the home.


CQ9电子游戏爆分视频是我们提供的侵入性最小的CQ9电子游戏爆分视频修复. 这种类型的修理是一种非开挖CQ9电子游戏爆分视频修理. 流水线 consists of feeding a new pipe inside the old sewer line and sealing it within the old pipe to create a new permanent pipe within the old. CQ9电子游戏爆分视频系统可用于修理部分破损的旧污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频.


Epoxy repairs are similar to pipe lining in which a video inspection identifies the broken pipe. 取决于问题的严重程度, 该生产线用适当的设备进行清洗,并涂以环氧树脂以获得干净光滑的表面. This material can be used for a small crack in a single location or coating the entire sewer line.


CQ9电子游戏爆分视频铺设也可以用来修理和更换你家平板下面的CQ9电子游戏爆分视频. This option will mean there are no trenches that need to be dug to repair the sewer line under your home.


TLC每天对污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频问题进行处理. 通常, these are emergency repairs and customers that are very frustrating and stressful for customers. 以下是意外下水道问题最常见的原因.

根本问题是下水道CQ9电子游戏爆分视频维修最常见的原因. 树根会穿过下水道寻找淡水. 最终,这些根会堵塞下水道中的水流,使其完全破裂.


下水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频的平均寿命约为50年. 然而,随着时间的推移,CQ9电子游戏爆分视频会恶化. If you use liquid drain cleaners to clear clogs and slow drains the deterioration can be accelerated. 我们的水管工从不建议使用液体排水管清洁器.


奥兰治堡CQ9电子游戏爆分视频于20世纪70年代在美国各地的社区安装. 然而, over the years these types of pipes have been found to become very brittle and have consistently failed to hold up under normal conditions. 它们不再安装,通常需要更换.

高 & 低温

CQ9电子游戏爆分视频’s high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures can cause shifting in the ground which can cause the pipes to disconnect and become misaligned disrupting the sewer line.


步骤1: TLC will conduct or review a video camera inspection to locate where the line needs to be repaired. 在进行修理之前,我们团队可能也需要对线路进行清洗.

步骤2: TLC’s experts will conduct a site visit to determine access points and assess the following conditions:

  • 水表的位置
  • 干燥的公用事业
  • 天然气干线
  • 水的主线
  • 景观
  • 海拔高度变化等.

步骤3: TLC将提供检查报告和评估选项.

步骤4: 客户批准之前,开始任何工作.

步骤5: 安排工作进度,客户服务中心负责物料的订购和线上呼叫

步骤6: TLC技术人员将执行这项工作.

第七步: 一旦我们的工作完成,我们将协调城市检查.

第八步: TLC’s plumbers will communicate with you the customer and ensure that all expectations were met and review the invoice. 我们的专家还应该与客户一起审查保修并收取费用.


下水道 repairs happen unexpectedly and need to be repaired as soon as issues are discovered. 以下是我们的专家收到的关于维修的一些最常见的问题.


一般来说,下水道应该可以使用50年以上. 但是要考虑的变量是CQ9电子游戏爆分视频的类型, 这些CQ9电子游戏爆分视频最初是如何安装的, 以及污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频周围的环境,包括地面随时间的变化.


不幸的是, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover the cost of many issues that can happen to your sewer line.


More and more homeowners are choosing to get a sewer and drain line inspection before they purchase a home. 在这一点上, 这不是要求,但却是你应该考虑的事情, 尤其是如果你的房子比较旧的话. TLC为房主和房地产经纪人提供这项服务.


在大多数情况下, the property owner is responsible for repairing or replacing sewer lines from the house to the public sewer main in the street. The city or municipality is only responsible for sewer line problems starting at the main underground pipes under the street. 这条线将垃圾和废水运往市政处理厂.


粘土瓦管(VCP) 最容易被根部渗透吗. 通常在粘土瓦管中,根部通过接头或联轴器进入CQ9电子游戏爆分视频. 最好定期对下水道进行清洗,清除CQ9电子游戏爆分视频的根部. If maintenance is not followed to prevent root growth the pipes will begin to crack ultimately causing the pipes to fail.

石棉水泥管(AC) 是类似于VCPCQ9电子游戏爆分视频在树的根部能容易渗透吗. 如果你检查和维护它,你可以延长它的寿命.

铸铁管(CI) is prone to rust and corrosion, if the corrosion becomes severe the pipe may collapse entirely. 我们建议您每年进行一次视频检查,尽早发现问题. 如果你的房子比较老,你可能需要每6个月进行一次视频检查. If cracks or holes in the line are identified early enough repairs can be made to avoid a collapse.

沥青纤维管(“Orangeburg”) 非常脆弱,比其他类型的CQ9电子游戏爆分视频更容易失效. 当这种类型的CQ9电子游戏爆分视频开始失效时,更换是你唯一的选择.

塑料PVC 目前安装的下水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频是最常见的类型吗. 我们看到的最常见的问题是由于劣质的工艺或不当的安装. 一个好的相机检查员能够发现任何问题.


下水道问题是混乱的,令人沮丧的,昂贵的. 了解这些迹象可以帮助你避免家里出现大的后援. 如果你看到这些迹象,最好打电话给TLC进一步评估. 我们总是提供免费的污水CQ9电子游戏爆分视频维修和更换的估价.

  1. 木底鞋 & 备份: 频繁的堵塞和堵塞可能是你的下水道正在变慢的迹象.
  2. 慢排水: Frequent slow drains or gurgling noises when you flush the toilet might point to a bigger problem.
  3. 气味: 如果你有下水道问题,你可能会注意到你家下水道周围有恶臭.
  4. 模具增长: 即使是少量的霉菌生长也可能表明你的下水道有问题.
  5. 景观美化的独特之处: If you notice consistent wet spots or indentations in your yard it is worth getting it checked out.
  6. 啮齿动物或虫害: This could be a sign that these unwanted guests found entry into your home through a cracked sewer line in the crawl space.
  7. 家检查失败: 如果你进行检查,他们发现任何低的地方(也就是腹部), 抵消CQ9电子游戏爆分视频, 树根, 油脂积累, 破解, 或者坍塌的CQ9电子游戏爆分视频可能意味着你有麻烦了.


TLC提供全方位的下水道维修服务, 不管你的裂缝或堵塞是大是小, 我们有经验和资源可以快速修复. TLC支持我们所有的工作,100%使它正确的保证.