配电板更换 & 修复

配电板更换 & 由顶级电工进行维修

When it comes to your home’s electrical panel, you need licensed electricians you can trust. Whether your old panel is giving out or it’s time to upgrade to more power, 我们的电工可以帮忙.


$ 10







  • 面板是100安培或更少
  • 面板发出嗡嗡的声音
  • 这些断路器摸起来很烫
  • The panel is either a Federal Pacific or Zinsco brand – this is a sign that your panel is extremely old.
  • 面板有锈蚀或水渍等物理损伤
  • 面板盖不见了
  • 仪表板或插座闻起来像在燃烧
  • 你在家里添置了一件大型电器
  • The panel has fuses and not circuit breakers – this is another sign of extreme age
  • The lights in your home are flickering – this has several possible causes, so you should have any 灯光的问题 TLC的电工看了看.


  • $1,800
  • $2,500
  • $3,200


The cost of electrical panel replacement varies depending on the size of the project. Simply replacing the electrical panel will cost less than replacing the entire electrical system. Contact our expert electricians for an electrical panel replacement estimate.

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    打电话给我们, (505) 761-9644 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. 如果您正在升级您的电子面板和想要定价, our team will schedule a time with you to provide a free estimate. 如果你正在经历 电的问题, a diagnostic visit is necessary to see if the panel can be repaired instead of
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    Replacing your electrical panel requires cooperation from PNM or your local power company. Your TLC electrician will submit the project to the power company and handle the approval process so that you don’t have to.
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    一旦PNM或你的电力公司批准了该项目, 将安排一天安装新的面板. PNM will need to disconnect your service before the project and reconnect it afterwards. Your TLC electrician will coordinate with you and the power company to find the most convenient day for you.
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    Your electrician and TLC’s office staff will pull the appropriate permits for your electrical panel replacement. Our team will also help you schedule inspections when the project is completed.
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    Your TLC electrician will remove and dispose of your old panel and install your new electrical panel. Any additional upgrades or electrical service that you requested will be completed at the same time.
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    您的满意是我们优先考虑的. 如果你 are not satisfied with your new electrical panel, TLC will make it right. 100%的保证.



问题: 客户需要为户外烧烤区增加户外网点. Electricians discovered that there was not enough power for what the customer wanted to use outdoors for the new area. Customer would likely be tripping the breaker with the additional power needs outside for their new area.

解决方案: Enrique and Elijah evaluated the power needs for the new outdoor space. They installed a dedicated circuit and subpanel for the outdoor electrical needs of the homeowner.


“Enrique and Elijah were very professional and explained every step of the process, making sure I understood what electrical upgrades they would be making. Enrique explained our options and how adding a dedicated circuit would allow us to add the outdoor lights and ceiling fan we wanted for our backyard without tripping any breakers. They worked hard those two days and were very polite and knowledgable. We will definitely hire TLC again for any electrical repairs or upgrades we may need for our home in the future.

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  • 我应该什么时候更换我的电气面板?

    有一些迹象表明你需要更换你的电气面板. 我们已经详细列出了上述迹象. 然而, in general you should replace your electrical panel if it is 100 amps or less, 联邦太平洋公司或津斯科公司.  Other signs you should replace your electrical panel are any of the following signs:

    • 面板小于或等于100安培
    • 面板发出嗡嗡的声音
    • 这些断路器摸起来很烫
    • 面板有锈蚀或水渍等物理损伤
    • 面板盖不见了
    • 面板插座有烧焦的味道
    • 你在家里添置了一件大型电器
    • The panel has fuses and not circuit breakers – this is another sign of extreme age
    • The lights in your home are flickering – this may be a panel issue and should be checked by a licensed electrician.
  • 我可以自己更换电气面板吗?

    No, you should not try to replace your electrical panel yourself. Only a licensed electrician should replace your electrical panel. 除了电气工作带来的危险,你还需要一个
    licensed electrician to make sure your panel is up to code and to work with the electric company.
  • 什么是升级后的电气面板?

    升级后的电气面板是200安培而不是100安培. An upgraded panel provides more power to your home and might even be required for 冷冻空气 or large appliances. 如果你
  • 我的电气面板应该多久换一次?

    You should only have to replace your electrical panel once or twice in the lifetime of your home.
  • 修理我的电气面板需要多长时间?

    The amount of time needed to repair an electrical panel varies depending on the complexity of the problem. Some are as simple as a 5-minute project, and others can take 5 hours. After diagnosis, your electrician can give you an idea of how long the repair will take.
  • 安装一个电气面板需要多长时间?

    安装电气面板通常需要一整天的时间. 如果你 have opted to replace your entire electrical system, more time may be required.
  • 修理电气面板要多少钱?

    You can expect to pay a minimum of $75 for electrical panel repairs. As a general rule, a complicated issue is going to require more time to fix and will cost more. 一个简单的解决方法成本会更低.
  • 为什么我需要升级我的电气面板?

    You need to upgrade your electrical panel to 200-amp if you are planning on adding a hot tub, 冷冻空气, 或其他大型电子设备. 一定要和有执照的人讨论这个问题
  • 为什么我的电板有股鱼腥味?

    如果你在电器面板或插座附近闻到一股鱼腥味, 这是一个迹象,你有铝电线损坏. 立即CQ9电子游戏爆分视频TLC修复.
  • 升级到200安培服务需要什么?

    Upgrading to a 200-amp electrical panel is similar to other panel replacements. 它需要得到当地电力公司的批准, 在cq9电子爆分视频和周边地区哪个是PNM.
    PNM will need to disconnect and reconnect your home before and after installation. You do not need to replace your entire electrical system if you choose to upgrade. 你的新面板会连接到你现有的电路上.











时间表 a free estimate for an electrical panel upgrade or replacement.